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In a way Kabuki is all about love, love for ourselves, each other and our planet. In a greater belief they are one in the same. In the spirit of simple living and responsible consumerism we place importance on safe and effective products that are packaged responsibly using little and sometimes no packaging at all. Those that do use soy inks, natural materials and some are even compostable! Others make for versatile storage containers extending their uses. Today we want to inspire you to think twice before throwing that Eminence jar in the recycling bin.

Let’s loosen perception and look at the possibilities. One of our top sellers is Eminence Sun defense minerals. This reef safe self dispensing SPF 30 pure mineral powder comes in a box made of reclaimed pine. It makes for a portable pencil case and a rustic organizer for office supplies.

Moisturizer and mask jars come with a secure lid and reusable spatula. Our team uses these for food storage, ideal for nuts and other snacks. Keep these in mind for a lightweight travel option too. Our starter sets have sample sized jars perfect for your favourite condiments to bring to work or on a picnic. Our active serums are in glass with droppers that are easily reused for any number of potions. 

Sturdy paper bags with handles are ideal for repeated use. If you can’t use them we can! Bring them back to Kabuki, we would love to see you. 

Have you ever purchased or received one of our gift certificates? They are printed on paper and housed in a clear box made of recycled plastic. Use these for small gift boxes or bring them back. Let’s make a single use plastic package a multi use package!

 Let’s keep the conversation going, with love as the inspiration. Share your ideas on how to reuse product containers. Tag @kabukibeauty

Our spa and and urban retreat offers a glorious menu of services for the mind, body and skin, curated to enhance health, happiness and wellbeing. At the heart these services are organic, safe and effective products. 

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