Bath Bomb with Jasmine and Calendula
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Bath Bomb with Jasmine and Calendula

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 Bath Bomb with Jasmine and Calendula. Hidden Crystal inside! ✨⠀


This bath bomb is packed full of goodies and a surprise crystal inside will connect you with your higher self and cleanse your aura!


Benefits of bathing in Jasmine essential oil’s:

• Jasmine Essential Oil boosts energy and increases a positive mood

• Helps relieve pain from menstrual cramps

• Smells divine


Benefits of bathing in calendula:

• Anti-inflammatory

• Antioxidant properties help to protect your precious collagen and elastin supply

• Promotes wound and skin healing


Benefits of Bathing With This Bath Bomb: ⁣⠀⠀

•Pain relief⠀

•Relaxation and anxiety relief

•Helps problems related to the nervous system⠀

•Reduces inflammation⠀

•Soothes body aches

•Skin care ( Anti aging, Eczema treatment, Psoriasis treatment, Acne and blackhead treatment)⠀⁣


🌿100% Natural & Organic ⠀

🌿Paraben-free and no other toxic preservative



🌿Phthalates-free and petro-chemical-free⠀

🌿Propylene glycol-free and PEG-free⠀

🌿Never tested on animals⠀

🌿Does not contain toxins


*Allergy: Contains Sweet Almond Oil