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Halfmoon: Crystal Collection Silk Eye Pillow - Clear Quartz

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Manifest your intentions.

The Clear Quartz Silk Eye Pillow is pure bliss during restorative yoga, before bed, or after screentime.

Organic wheat berry, clear quartz gemstones, and a lavender fill is naturally cooling, soothes dry eyes and relaxes the mind and body.

Clear quartz serves as an amplifier of your intentions. Known for having a “memory”, when the clear quartz crystal is embraced during meditation it holds on to and amplifies what you manifest.

Helping cleanse and navigate headspace, this crystal holds properties that clears the mind for these new and growing intentions.

Heating instructions Remove cover & set aside. Lay the pillow as flat as possible on turntable and heat in 30-second intervals until you reach your desired temperature.

Made in Canada