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Katari: Black Seed Anti-Acne Skin Healing Oil | 1 fl oz

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Not well known, yet known and used since the time of Pharaohs, black seed oil is a very powerful oil that works on most problematic, most irritated, most damaged skin.

In Egypt this oil is used to alleviate itching and irritation, and help with acne. Anti-inflammatory in nature it helps alleviate most skin concerns.

We cold-press beautiful black seeds grown in the delta of Nile and package oil in a handmade glass amphorae bottle and a pretty white box with instructions.

Katari Beauty | single ingredient, organic, vegan facial oils, flower water hydrosols, clay mask, exfoliator and handmade accessories.

We travel the world to bring you the finest ingredients sourced from small organic farms and artisans who have been practicing their trade since ancient times...even our glass is hand blown, our cork closures sustainable and our packaging 100% recyclable.

Katari Beauty | Timeless...Pure...Elemental.. Katari Beauty | simple yet complex beauty & elegance

Made in Egypt