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WildWood: Amethyste Lip and Cheek Pot

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AMÉTHYSTE Night Plum Lip + Cheek Pot
with Creamy Raw Almond and Cassia Essence


Our signature seasonal night plum hue is a limited batch of organic, artisanal lip butter crafted from pure, raw, wild gathered plants and herbal extracts.

A deeply nourishing and reparative lip salve suitable for all complexions. Our Night Plum Lip Balm contains natural, silicate minerals that give lips a nourishing, buildable, rich tint. Apply lightly for a soft, neutral tone, or apply more heavily for a darker, plum wine shade—the perfect hue to welcome crisp autumn days and celebrate sparkling winter nights. 

A beautiful botanical scent of spicy cassia flower, herbaceous lavandin essence, wild foraged water mint, and sweet anise seed - a blend reminiscent of sugared plums and spiced Bordeaux. Harmoniously blended with nourishing raw shea butter, local beeswax, and creamy almond. The aroma of this balm is light and soft, perfect for those sensitive to scent.


Tip: This lip pot also doubles as a natural cheek tint. Dab a small amount onto cheeks for a fresh-faced look!