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WildWood: Reishi Boreale Wild Mushroom Sun Repair Serum

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REISHI BORÉALE Wild Mushroom Sun Repair Facial Serum

With Marshmallow Root, Moon Nettle, and Astragalus Root

A vibrant, concentrated facial serum featuring vital botanicals rich in phytonutrients and essential vitamins. This formula harmoniously works to defend the skin against UV stress while repairing and replenishing the complexion both before and after sun exposure while rehydrating, brightening and preventing discolouration.


A balancing, smoothing and reparative serum suitable for All Complexions. 

This is a treatment serum that is finely crafted to work harmoniously with your preferred sun care routine. Our recommendations are to enjoy small amounts of radiant, beautiful sunlight and use a 'physical sunblock' or zinc-based sunscreen when you need additional protection. Sweet friends, please avoid the use of chemical-based sunscreens as they can be detrimental to our wellness and our environment.



Full Ingredients List: 


House Made Whole Plant Extractions and Essences of Wild Boreal Forest Reishi Mushroom, Liquorice Root, Calendula Flower, Gotu Kola, Marshmallow Root, Nova Scotian Rosehips, Red Clover Blossom, Moon Nettle Leaf, Elderflower, Astragalus Root, Horsetail Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Fennel Seed, Vancouver Island Kombu Kelp, Chamomile Flower. Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil. 


All ingredients are organic, wild-crafted, sustainably, ethically and regionally sourced.